Ohm's law

Ohm’s Law and how to solve it

Ohm’s law is a basic concept used in almost every electronics project that, although simple, can be difficult to understand at first. There are four main components used when discussing ohms law, and the flow of electricity in general: Voltage: Defined as the amount of potential energy between two points. Most commonly represented as the symbol V. Measured in volts. Current: Defined […]

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Voltage Divider

Resistor Tutorial

In the following post we will be co vering many aspects of resistors including: how they work, the color codes, the calculations, and the difference between putting them in series or parallel. What is a Resistor? A resistor is one of the most common and critical parts of any circuit. Its job is to restrict the […]

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MAX232 to BBB and DB9_bb

Beaglebone Black RS232 and UART setup

How to setup the Beaglebone Black RS232 and UART for serial communications. Overview Today we are going to be setting up the Beaglebone Black RS232 and the UART ports, giving us the ability of serial communications.  This method will work for Beaglebone’s running the Debian or Ubuntu Operating System.  We will first set up the UART’s in the uEnv.txt […]

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Linux Commands

This tutorial is written as a reference guide to basic Linux command terminal navigation techniques. It covers the main aspects of terminology, options, shortcuts, commands, file editing, and system commands. Shortcuts: Tab – used to autofill whatever you are typing in the command terminal, use often to prevent typos Up/Down arrow keys – used to […]

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GPIO Control Beaglebone Black pt. 1

In this post we run through the basics of controlling your beaglebone black GPIO (General Purpose I/O) pins. It is important to note that many of the pins are used by the beaglebone black for various processes at different times.  This can make for a headache when trying to wire things up. Below is a table that […]

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