Motion on Beaglebone Black

This tutorial runs through the process of installing the application Motion on Beaglebone Black to turn it into a Wifi camera system. Only a few items are needed on this project, a USB webcam, a Wifi dongle, your Beaglebone Black, and a powered USB hub.


To start running Motion on Beaglebone Black flash Ubuntu onto your microcontroller and set up the Wifi by following the steps here


After your flashed and updated, we need to install the “motion” app. Command line is as follows:

sudo apt-get install motion


you should see your camera’s name in there somewhere, such as “microsoft livecam”, this tells you that the Beaglebone has recognized the webcam.


Now to configure the software to work the way we want to we have to change a few settings, Command line is as follows:


sudo nano /etc/motion/motion.conf


This will bring you into the settings of the “Motion” app, take some time to get to know your way around here as it will help in the future when you want to make personalized changes to the system.


Scroll through and turn Daemon from Off to On

also turn webcam_localhost from Off to On


**CTRL X will allow you to exit the settings, be sure to save.


One more setting must be changed before we can use the camera. Run the Command Line as follows:


sudo nano /etc/default/motion


Then change the value “start_motion_daemon=no” to “yes”.


We are now ready to get started! Run the Command Line as Follows:


sudo service motion start


after a few seconds through your internet browser go to your Beaglebones IP address followed by :8081

ex.. 192.168.*.***:8081


you can go into the settings ( at command: sudo nano /etc/motion/motion.conf ) and change the port from 8081 to 81, then change your personal router setting to enable port forwarding to port 80, this will allow you to access your camera from anywhere.

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