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GPIO Control Beaglebone Black pt. 1

In this post we run through the basics of controlling your beaglebone black GPIO (General Purpose I/O) pins. It is important to note that many of the pins are used by the beaglebone black for various processes at different times.  This can make for a headache when trying to wire things up. Below is a table that […]

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Servo motor control using a USB controller

1. Getting your USB Controller input values   Step 1  Get a USB Controller.  I am using the SNES USB Controller (found on a different post somewhere).  I also tested this code with a Logitech USB Playstation Controller, and worked just as well. Step 2 Find your USB pathway.  On the command line, type /dev/input/by-id/(hit […]

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Python processing command line

Program Listing Program Break down: The following 3 commands use the import system in python. The import statement is the most common way of invoking the import machinery. The following command sets up a variable named “command”. The variable equals “iwlist wlan0 scan”. The following command uses the import commands function, and in essence writes […]

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Servo Control using Beaglebone Black with Ubuntu

We are currently working on a pan/tilt camera project and are experimenting with a servo motor. This posting is an on going trial and error project using the Beaglebone Black microcontroller loaded with Ubuntu to run a micro servo motor. Micro servo motors are used in basic electronic projects when limited motion is necessary, while we […]

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Python Directory Listing

How to work with directory lists in python   Program Listing Program break down This line imports the OS functions Get the list of files in a Directory. The “./” is the path to the directory to be listed Loop over all the files in the directory. Get the file extension Look for jpg files […]

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